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Calvert High School

Calvert High School
600 Dares Beach Road

Calvert High School, where "Involvement Equals Success," works in cooperation with our parents, our educators, and our community to ensure that all students will be presented with opportunities for academic excellence and lifelong learning. By promoting respect for individuality and encouraging the importance of responsibility and citizenship, we strive to enable our students to become productive contributors in an evolving society.

We Believe:

Every student is capable of success.

Parents and/or guardians are entitled to actively participate in their child's education.

Positive role models instill character that allows students a basis for further success.

Every person has innate self-worth, value, talent, and is capable of personal growth.

The community is a valued partner with faculty and students.

Students embrace their responsibilities and roles in the learning process, while educators serve as positive influences in the educational and social development of their students.

Differentiated instruction is within the core of every curriculum, and this method allows for achievement among all students.

Students must revere the dignity and respect inherent within themselves and within each other.

Diversity among our school community is recognized, admired, and respected.

Our methods of instruction will keep pace with the advances of technology.

Our school is safe, orderly, and inviting to students, staff, and visitors.

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