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Dover High School

The focus of our school is comprehensive, serving approximately 600 students. We offer a wide range of courses as well as a core of state mandated requirements. We are committed to providing the best education possible for our students, to which end several techniques and programs are employed.

For the last nine years, the Dover faculty has been committed to teaching block scheduling, which means that students only have three courses each semester. The ninety-minute classes offer our students the opportunity to take fewer subjects at one time as well as go into each area in greater depth. They are better able to concentrate on these courses and only have three exams at the end of each semester instead of taking all of their finals in June. This schedule also frees up a 45-minute period in the middle of the day when they may elect to take band, chorus, or an elective such as psychology or the 1960’s.

Our staff is committed to providing a safe, student-centered learning environment that develops students’ thinking and decision-making skills. All teachers employ various reading strategies, including pre-reading, guided for understanding and post-reading strategies. This helps students get the most from their studies and a better grasp of the subject material.

Dover has a strong commitment to character education. Throughout the year, students are exposed to various assemblies and in-class experiences that broaden their horizons and strengthen their empathy for others. Students are encouraged to think before they act and make choices based on facts rather than innuendos. Our district-wide and high school diversity committees are valuable partners to these goals as well.

Dover High School has a strong investment in the arts. Each year, the high school puts on a dramatic production in the fall and a musical production in the spring. The hallways of the school are continuously updated with new student artwork, and each graduating senior art student is invited to paint a classroom door. Various musical groups have visited the campus, including Beatlemania, Fruteland Jackson, Sonanda, and various battles of the bands. The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including many, sports, photography club, literary magazine, debate team, diversity club, jazz band, peer leadership, and Leo Club, among others.

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