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Overlea High School

5401 Kenwood Avenue

The faculty, staff, students and community of Overlea High School are devoted to pursuing academic excellence and the development of individual strengths and talents in a positive, supportive environment where individual differences and respect for the rights of others guide our behavior.

Recognizing the unique social, emotional, and cognitive characteristics of thirteen to eighteen year old students, Overlea High School must organize its program to address the unique needs of its students. Overlea's comprehensive program must ensure academic success of students, reduce the achievement gap between African-American students and other students, improve attendance of students, foster appropriate behavior of students, and increase participation of all constituencies in the total school program. Furthermore, Overlea High School realizes that these factors affect students in ways that promote or deter the pursuit of excellence.

Based upon this recognition, the educational program must ensure academic success through instructional strategies that engage students and make them part of the learning process. The program must ensure improved student attendance by identifying and coordinating the delivery of support services. The program must ensure appropriate student behavior by maintaining a climate supportive of teaching and learning in a setting in which academics are honored and distractions that interfere with serious purpose are not tolerated.

The educational program must ensure increased participation in co-curricular activities by promoting these activities as integral to an education thus providing opportunities for all constituencies that support and extend academic learning.

Curriculum, instructional strategies, school environment, organization, resources, and assessment and accountability directly determine the quality of schooling. Recognizing the components of effective schools, Overlea High School will implement its educational program.

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