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Watertown High School

324 French Street

The Mission of Watertown High School is to prepare its students to succeed in the 21st century by providing educational programs that fulfill the rights and needs of all students. We are committed to fostering the skills, attitudes, and habits essential for life-long learners in a technological, multicultural, global society. Consequently, through the interaction of the students, staff, administration, family and community, students are encouraged, challenged, and expected to achieve their highest potential in order to become responsible citizens and productive members of society.

Academic Expectations for Student Learning

Watertown High School students will:

Utilize decision-making and problem-solving techniques based on critical thinking skills

Communicate effectively for a variety of purposes

Employ computational and mathematical skills appropriately

Apply technology to acquire, process, and impart information

Develop understanding, appreciation, and skills in the arts

Apply principles and processes of the sciences to analyze phenomena and solve problems related to the natural world

Develop knowledge of world cultures and examine America's role in the world community

Civic and Social Expectations for Student Learning

Watertown High School students will:

Take responsibility for their own learning and behavior

Participate in school, co-curricular, and community activities to demonstrate civic and global awareness

Recognize that knowledge is interrelated and cumulative

Make appropriate choices in dealing with health, wellness, and environmental issues

Demonstrates social and emotional growth by respecting themselves and others

Expectations for the District and Community Performance

Citizens of the Watertown School District will:

Provide the financial support necessary for Watertown High School to meet its academic, social, and civic expectations

Support the school community through volunteer efforts, attendance at student activities, and participation in booster groups

Foster a spirit of cooperation between Watertown High School and local business and community groups

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